My real name is Edgardo P. Canaria Jr. They usually call me Ejay because Edgardo not just sounds old but it's a bit long as well. What does Ejay stands for? You're wrong. It's not Edgardo Jr. My mother told me that she read the name Ejay in a pocket book and decided to have that as my nickname. It actually stands for nothing.

I was born in Cavite, Philippines. I grew up in a town in Cavite called Rosario. I live in Mandaluyong, Manila during weekdays and in my hometown in Rosario during weekends.

I play the guitar. I learned how to play it back in high school with my friends. We always dreamt of having a band back then.

I took Information Technology in college and graduated in 2012. I ended up a programmer. I'm lucky to find the things I love doing early in my career. I love being a programmer. I'm currently doing my stuffs in Ruby on Rails.

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