Curiosity Follower,
Software Writer

Hey there! I'm Ejay. I'm not sure what a good introduction is. Maybe let's just discuss why I'm a curiousity follower and what type of programmer I am.

Curiousity Follower

I've been a fan of self learning after graduating in college. When I saw the real world, I realized that there are tons of things I need to learn. I study things I find interesting and I fell in love in reading electronic books.

I followed my curiousity since then. As the old adage said,

Life is a continuous process of learning.

So, don't stop.

Software Writer

I code for human - from user experience and under the hood. I believe in KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and YAGNI (You Ain't Gonna Need It). Beauty is just simplicity. I love to write readable codes. Codes that do not need comments. Codes that explain itself.

Good code is like good joke - it needs no explanation.

I'm still in the process of improving it day by day and I'm getting there.